It’s all so simple

Ludo had long known that this was his destiny. His lifestyle had brought him here in a hurry. Not via detours or quiet roads with beautiful views, nor via hiking paths full of nice conversations with his children, but via the highway of a stressful life. The desk chair in his bank office was moved a centimeter further from the desk with each additional year full of exuberant moments with his top clients, to give room to his expanding belly. The more promotions he got and the closer he sat to the CEO, the less he took the marble stairs anymore. It was not the sport his doctor prescribed in vain that made him gasp more and more, but the stress of clogged freeways heading for Brussels. His wife’s increasingly frequent comments about missed years made him long for deep rest in their vacation home in Tuscany, where he had not been for the past four years. His wife and children had. Now here he was, alone, on an operating table at the university hospital in Brussels. Busy sounds of urgency, as he had often known them in the office, hushed his whispers. Only the walls still heard him say ‘It’s all so simple…’

I’m a Behavioral Change Designer @ the Change Designers (.eu). I write about #OrganisationalChange #EX #CX #UserAdoption #essentialism #Nederlandsefictie

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