Bridging the gap between need and resultS

It’s not the technology itself that brings change, but the people who will use the technology.

The bulk of the attention and budget in companies goes to the purchase or design of new technological solutions. A new CRM tool or an HRIS system costs a lot of money. After long deliberations, a choice is made and a solution ordered. And then the organisation runs out of money or thinks it’s done.

They are convinced that the solution is so good that it will be used by the employees. Unfortunately, it’s often not the case.

At least as much effort and…

People tend to remember the best, worst and last moments of an experience and forget the rest. Therefore, figure out what those crucial moments are in the change process and work on them.

Customer and employee experiences with products, services or organizations do not form one cohesive story, but are made up of a series of moments. For example, a plane trip consists of booking a ticket, traveling to the airport, checking in, boarding, flying, having lunch, landing, picking up luggage and taking a cab to your destination. These are moments, but that does not make them a good experience.

Ludo had long known that this was his destiny. His lifestyle had brought him here in a hurry. Not via detours or quiet roads with beautiful views, nor via hiking paths full of nice conversations with his children, but via the highway of a stressful life. The desk chair in his bank office was moved a centimeter further from the desk with each additional year full of exuberant moments with his top clients, to give room to his expanding belly. The more promotions he got and the closer he sat to the CEO, the less he took the marble stairs…

elephant path in organizational change
elephant path in organizational change
Jan-Dirk van der Burg on

The elephant path. Wikipedia knows what it is. There, an elephant path is an “unofficial bicycle or walking path that is created intentionally and unintentionally by users of regular bicycle and walking paths over time.” It’s the shortest way to get from A to B.

Just as elephants always choose the shortest path, creating their own trails throughout the Savannah. A man-made elephant path is proof that people do not want to be forced to follow a calibrated path, but look for the shortest way possible. After all, elephant trails never turn out to be longer than the official route…

Employee Experience Design
Employee Experience Design
Design Thinking in HR

A lot has been said about the future of work. The truth is, our so-called ‘best practice’ HR programs and processes are not even solving today’s workplace challenges anymore. What HR needs today, is a thorough understanding of the employee needs in combination with more co-creative working methods. And design thinking can play an important role in this.

​Design thinking in HR moves the focus from building processes to designing meaningful employee experiences. And it works. Josh Bersin’s research shows that companies in which HR delivers the highest value, are almost five times more likely to use design thinking. High-performing…

stop change management and intrusive change management
stop change management and intrusive change management

Desire or motivation cannot be created

In change management, a lot of time and effort is put into creating a desire or eagerness for the change and this at all levels of the organization by:

  • mapping the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) of different stakeholders and formulating actions
  • anticipating resistance
  • involving employees in the change process
  • supporting managers so that they can guide their team through the change
  • etcetera

These are all laudable initiatives that will certainly contribute to the adoption of change. But I do wonder if this is the right approach or sequence. Prosci, the founders of the ADKAR method (stimulate Awareness, Desire…

Image for post
Image for post
Photo by Erik Mclean

Gamification is about applying gaming principles to other areas than gaming. It’s already used in areas like marketing and sales, and in lots of applications we use on a daily basis. The last couple of years, it’s also increasingly mentioned and used within HR services and activities. Like with many new approaches, at first the applications are rather superficial, like adding badges and leaderboards in your solutions and nothing more. In those cases, the techniques and artifacts are a goal in itself.

We need to move beyond the gimmick and use the real potential of gamification by digging into the…

Employee experience
Employee experience
Photo by You X Ventures

Employee Experience is a buzzword and is fairly superficial as long as it just is a new name for the same old thing. It’s only when this rebranding of HR is combined with a new mindset, attitude and with new skills that you can truly expect different results of employee experience design in your organisation.

Becoming employee-centric asks for a different mindset

It is about putting the employee central in all thinking instead of being lead or limited by internal processes and procedures. This seems logical and intuitive, but it isn’t.

There’s a misunderstanding that employee-centric thinking is the opposite of process thinking. It isn’t. You need…

tha last mile of change
tha last mile of change
Photo by Pars Sahin

The last mile is better known as ‘the last mile delivery’ and is a term mainly used in the logistics world. It refers to the last mile before a product reaches the hands of the customer.

I have a background in the FMCG world, back in the days when e-commerce barely existed, and was always fascinated by the question of how to get a new product into the store and preferably into the kitchen of the customer as quickly as possible. This had not only to do with the pure logistics of stock and transport, but also with marketing and…

Sara Coene

I’m a Behavioral Change Designer @ the Change Designers (.eu). I write about #OrganisationalChange #EX #CX #UserAdoption #essentialism #Nederlandsefictie

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